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Jiangsu University (JSU) is located in Jiangsu province, eastern coastal area of China, which also has a tremendous SME cluster in China. Founded in 1982, School of Management has gradually formed its own characteristics from scratch. Relying on the advantageous regional economic development, School of Management emphasizes the combination of management thought, principle and practice, and makes its mission to cultivate and spread Chinese style management thought and science. Striving unceasingly, it has achieved distinctive characteristics in the field of SME management.


"Management Science and Engineering" was rated key discipline of Jiangsu province. "Business Administration" and "Public Administration (Medical Insurance)" were respectively elected as brand and characteristic specialty program construction center of Jiangsu province.

The cradle of management thought of Chinese SMEs

Constantly tracking the latest research development of management academia and paying attention to frontier of theory, the school is one of the earliest units that start the research on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). School of Management has undertaken a group of international research project like UNDP'S "Reform and Development of SMEs" as well as national research project like National Science Foundation of China and Social Science Foundation of China, etc. The school was awarded Research and Training Base of SMEs in China, and it is in possession of the only one SME college of China. The SME development and research center were awarded Development and Research Base of SMEs in Jiangsu Province, becoming the first batch of Social Science Research Base in Jiangsu province.

The blending area of Chinese management thought and practice

The school actively conducts strategic cooperation with enterprises and associations, cultivates management talents for both large enterprises and SMEs, and participates in consulting and solving of enterprise's actual management problems. The interaction and cooperation of industry-university-research is effective. It has cooperated with tens of large enterprises. School of Management has always been committed to the development of local economy and industry. It has undertaken a large number of projects concerning regional development of Jiangsu province, revitalizing machinery industry. By providing management consultation and employee training for mega corporations like Chunlan Group, Dongfeng Automobile Group, YTO Group Corporation, etc. and a number of SMEs, School of Management has exerted significant social impact.

Internationalized Teaching & Faculty

School of Management adheres to the internationalized philosophy on school development and management, welcoming student exchange students and visiting scholars from universities all over the world. It has successively established friendly relations and realized exchange with over 10 universities from such countries or regions as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc.

Every year, the school enrolls undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students from more than 20 countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, Africa, which creating a multilevel and multicultural learning atmosphere. The undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs all adopt full English teaching, the courses, professors and teams are multivariate combination. Professors have rich teaching experience and strong industrial background, most of them either get a foreign degree or have foreign scientific research and visiting experience.

Cooperative Scientific Research:

Cooperative scientific research within the scope of world

The school endeavors to create an open, inclusive, cooperative, and win-win scientific research system, which is committed to the research and innovation of international level management thought and science. The research teams in school have developed multi-form and poly-directional cooperation and research with colleges, universities and research institutions from South Korea, France, Japan, etc. Part of the cooperation and research directions include: SME management, enterprise environmental innovation management, medical insurance and health management, E-commerce and Internet economics, intelligence property and patent management.

Cooperation platforms:

School-enterprise Cooperation Training

The school has established a good cooperation relationship with many large and medium enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta Region. It promotes the joint training of graduates by schools and enterprises organizing enterprise visits, internships, and study tours. It also cultivates global-minded and high-quality talents for companies related to “The Belt and Road Initiative”. School-enterprise cooperation training includes curriculum practice, professional internship, summer practice and other methods. Each student has about 1 year to do practices and internships outside of the campus.

Provincial Research Center

Jiangsu Provincial Research Base for SME Development

JSU Development and Research Base of SMEs was established in 2002. It became one of the first 15 philosophy and social science research bases in Jiangsu Province in 2009, and was awarded the title of “Jiangsu Provincial Research Base for SME Development”.

Research Center for Green Development and Environment Governance

On September 14, 2020, JSU Research Center for Green Development and Environmental Governance was selected as a key research base of Philosophy and Social Sciences among Universities in Jiangsu Province. It focuses on major national needs in the field of green development and environmental governance, and strives to build itself into a first-class and internationally influential research institution.

Career Development

Graduates after finishing the study will be competent to do jobs like decision-making, consultation, business operation and management in all-level administrative departments and all-kind enterprises, at the same time capable of teaching and research jobs in colleges, universities and other scientific research institutions.


from Pakistan, Management Science and Engineering 2017

Currently, he is a Special Advisor PIM under Federal Ministry of Industries and Production

 “My association with Jiangsu University, China, began with a humble pursuit of academic growth in 2017. During my three years with this great institute, I gained experience in an array of academic and professional development programmes.
   After graduating from Jiangsu University, my professional career accelerated based on the strong foundations laid by this wonderful institution. The following is a glimpse of a few of the many pathways that Jiangsu University helped pave for me.
   My appreciation for the Chinese way of doing things and understanding the Chinese socio-economic and political system paved my path as the Foreign Research Associate, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and Foreign Secretary-General, BRI College, China. Thus, beginning an exciting professional profile as an author, a political and economic analyst, a professor, and a CPEC expert.
   I am also the lead analyst for Aaj Ka Pakistan, a narrative building show on the state channel – PTV News; that reinforces the Chinese Philosophy through examples of industries, economic reforms and spreads awareness of the Chinese Economic and Financial System, especially in the context of CPEC, uplifting economic efforts and more.
   I also hold office as the Special Advisor, Pakistan Institute of Management under the Federal Ministry of Industries and Production, Pakistan. In an association spanning over a decade with the Federal ministry, I have performed in the advisory role of Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance……I also represented Pakistan at UNIDO, UN, and IMF conferences, including over 8 MoU, based on his global economy expertise. As an expert in establishing academic and industrial linkages, I have been recognized as a key ministry member.”

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