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Master of Professional Program in Business Administration (MBA)

This program aims to train candidates to master broad knowledge of modern management and necessary management theory, to understand the new situation of economic and social development as well as the new development of modern management. It trains candidates to possess strong ability of practical work, including responding to an emergency, judging, decision-making, organizing, coordinating, and skills dealing with interpersonal relationships. Candidates after finishing the program are not only competent to do advanced management works in large and medium-sized enterprises but also able to integrate resources for entrepreneurship in accordance with personal interest.
Admission Requirements:
i. Bachelor degree from an accredited university, with no less than 3 years working experience;
ii. Three recommendations from three referrers who know the candidate very well within the candidates'working field;
iii. English language capability to meet the minimum requirements for a degree study at JSU, including skills in reading, oral communication, as well as writing;
iv. Meeting other specified admission requirements of the university (http://oec.ujs.edu.cn/).

9 professional directions:
1) Business Management of SMEs
2) Enterprise Strategic Management
3) Enterprise Human Resource Management
4) Enterprise Marketing
5) Enterprise Operation Management
6) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
7) Financial Management
8) International Business Management
9) Information Management
Degree Requirement:
2-year program.
Total credits required are no less than 46. All courses should be finished in the first year, the second year is for preparing the dissertation.

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