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Public Utilities Management

This department, created in 1995, owns 12 teachers, of which one is doctoral supervisor, 2 are professors, 3 are associate professors, and 10 have doctorates or master degrees, and among which several teachers have been the visiting scholars in Australia, etc. The teaching staffs keep the united, endeavoring, active spirit to educate people as well as impart knowledge. 
This department conducts a great diversity of scientific research, around the reform of the national medical insurance system and medical health system, among which many research achievements have provided the bases of the policy making and decision making of local government. 
It currently assumes over 10 scientific research projects including the subproject of World Bank Loan/ British Government Grant, the Human Social Science projects of Education Department, the ministry-level research projects of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, the research projects entrusted by the Ministry Human Resource and Social Security, the research projects entrusted by the Ministry of Health, the research projects entrusted by municipal and provincial departments of medical insurance management, departments of health management hospitals,etc.


Public Utilities Management

(Medical Insurance)

This major belongs to the brand characteristic major of Jiangsu Province.

Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the high-level interdisciplinary talents with the basic knowledge of medical insurance theory, technology and method, etc and the competence of practical application, who can pursue a career of medical insurance management, underwriting and claiming of life and health insurance, health management, health economy and management, etc in the department of medical insurance, commercial insurance institutions or medical and health units.

Training Features: Our University is one of the earliest ones establishing these majors. It belongs to the brand major of Jiangsu University and the characteristic major of Jiangsu Province currently. Through learning, students can master the basic theories and knowledge of pre-clinical medicine, clinical medicine, health economics and health management, and the basic knowledge of medical insurance, life and health insurance as well as operating competence.

Main course: Basic medicine and clinical medicine, Western economics, Public management, Health management, Health economics, Personal and health insurance, Medical insurance, Insurance underwriting and adjustments, Medical insurance actuarial, Medical insurance statistics etc. Medical insurance is exquisite course in Jiang Su province.

The employment situation and trends: Graduates can be worked in all medical insurance departments, commercial insurance institutions and medical health units to do medical insurance management, personal and health insurance underwriting and manage compensate health management, health economic and management works. They also can be worked in universities, research institutions to do teaching and researching work. The employment rate is more than 90%.

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