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Information Management and Information System

This department, created in 1999, is formed by the original Statistics teachers and teachers in the Lab of Computer of Integrated Application. It enrolled the undergraduates of Statistics major in 1986, and enrolled specialty students and undergraduates of Economy Information Management major. It now owns 18 teachers, of which 5 are professors, 5 have doctorates, 6 are doctoral candidates, and others have master degrees. There is 1 trainee of "Blue Project" excellent young backbone teachers of higher education of Jiangsu Province and 1 trainee of "Top-notch Talents Training Project" excellent academic backbone of Jiangsu University. There are several teachers who have been the visiting scholars in German, Canada, etc. Respectively. The teaching staff, with strong cohesion, has reasonable forming structure of age and learning-origin.

All the staff, developing the scientific research actively, now have assumed many research projects from Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, Chinese National Social Science Foundation and other government foundations as well as research projects entrusted by enterprises. The research fund reached over 200,000 annually. This department obtained third prize of the Excellent Achievements of Soft Science of Jiangsu Province, first prize of the Superb Engineering of Soft Science of Jiangsu Province, third prize of the excellent theses sponsored by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province and many first prizes of excellent theses of Zhenjiang. They presents over 150 high-level theses, among which, most are included in SCI,ISTP, EI, CSSCI, the copy material of Renaming University.


Information Management and Information System

This major belongs to the brand characteristic major of Jiangsu Province.

Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the high-level interdisciplinary talents with basic knowledge of information management, application competence of information system and skills of developing the management information system(including the planning, analysis, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and management of information system), who can adopt the information technology to solve the management problems in the departments of scientific research, education, economy and trade, enterprises and institutions, etc., and can find employment of developing information theory research, the construction of information engineering of enterprise and information engineering of manufacturing industry, the research of application technology, the education of information management and knowledge management, etc.

Training Features: This major belongs to the characteristic major of Jiangsu University. With computers as the tools, statistics, operational research, system engineering as the theories and methods of information processing, economy management as application object, this major helps the students to adopt the computer technology, network technology, information technology such as database technology, etc., modeling methods to solve the problems in economy management. Based on the database design, information economics, management information system and information safety technology, etc this major trains students to master the theories and approaches of information system planning, implementation, operation management and evaluation, acquire the practical training such as the comprehensive system development of information system, professional cognition and professional production, etc., be equipped with solid information management theory grounding, the scientific technological knowledge of computer and application competence, master the implementing and operating of high-ranking information system software of enterprise information such as ERP system, E-Commerce, etc., be able to conduct the system analysis and design using knowledge interruptedly and construct the solutions of the problems in order to improve management benefit, enterprise competitiveness.

Main courses: Program design, Database principles, Data structure, management, Electrician electronics, Mathematical statistics, Operations research, Computer Basic, Information economics, computer network, Management information system, Web design technology and application, ERP principle and implementation, Information security technology, multivariate statistics, etc.

The employment situation and trends: Graduates can be work in all levels of national management department, information center of financial institutions, information technology consulting company departments to do the information system operation management and maintenance work, or in the software company, all kinds of enterprises to do information system development, testing, and implementation. They also can be work in universities, research institutions to do teaching and research work. The one-time employment rate is 90%.

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