Wellcome to the school of management in jiangsu university

About the program


This program aims to train talents who master the knowledge and skills that will enable them to pursue a career as a manager in business, government, or non-profit organizations. The graduates are trained to work productively with other people by building effective teams and cooperating with team members. The graduates are capable of providing feasible solutions for organizational, technological or industry problems, and cultivating new opportunities. The graduates master the processes and procedures of organizations and ensure the compliance with legal, professional, and ethical standards.


Graduates should:

1. abide by the relevant policies and decrees formulated by the Chinese government, and the rules and regulations of Jiangsu University.

2. study hard and have good moral character, and respect the teaching staff and Chinese traditions and customs.

3. develop scientific attitude in research and study, stress the combination of theory and practice, and have a good command of basic theories and systematic knowledge in the field of Business Administration.

4. have a good command of Chinese language and be able to read Chinese literature in the field of Business Administration.

Minimum Credits Required

For required courses: 114

For elective courses: 12

For practical training: 28


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